Kennel Angelcrest, tik Con Brio EZ Engla

Angelcrest Bruno Banani
Ägare kennel Angelcrest

Angelcrest Betty Boop

Angelcrest Bellatrix

Angelcrest Benetton

Angelcrest Bright Crystal
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Kennel Love Over Gold, tik Love Over Gold´s Cornish Key

Love Over Gold´s Speedy Gold, puffhane

Love Over Gold´s Delicious U.S. nakentik
Ägare - kennel Love Over Gold

Kennel Amelion, til Suanho´s Calumet

Amelion´s Uptown Girl, nakentik
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Amelion´s Up Up and Away, nakenhane

Amelion´s Uppercut, puffhane

Amelion´s Under Control, puffhane

Amelion´s Ultraviolet, nakentik
Ägare - kennel Amelion´s

Kennel MhaLhi´s, tik Blue Wing´s Dolce N Gabbana

MhaLhi´s Dressed For Sucess, pufftik

MhaLhi´s I am All That and More, nakenhane
Ägare - kennel Great Crest

MhaLhi´s I am Hot You are Not, nakentik
Ägare - kennel MhaLhi´s

Kennel Bellatrix Luckycharm, tik Bellatrix Luckycharm Space

Bellatrix Luckycharm Astra, nakentik

Bellatrix Luckycharm Enif, nakenhane

Bellatrix Luckycharm Zoya, nakentik
Ägare - kennel BellatrixLuckycharm

Bellatrix Luckycharm Puck, nakenhane

Bellatrix Luckycharm Sirius, nakentik